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Meet Carl and Kate.....

Carl & Kate

It all started forty some years ago when these two people met in high school....dated,

fell in love, and got married.  Through the course of those years, they were blessed

with four wonderful sons, four beautiful daughters-in-laws, thirteen amazing grandchildren,

and now, six great grandchildren. 

Life is good!

Carl is retired from 35 years in the U. S. Postal service, and enjoys yard work and remodeling projects.  Kate's passions have always been interior decorating, cooking, baking, and entertaining.  Early in the marriage, Carl and Kate realized they made a "good team" at whatever came their way.  Whatever Kate can dream up....Carl can make happen! 

110 E. Spencer became their "retirement" home--maybe better put..."retirement project".  They bought the home in 2005 and, as with all the homes in their past, have worked on the improvements and decorating that makes a house a home. 

Because of it's 100+ year history, the house is well-known and well-loved in the community.  Many St. Francis citizens remember playing in the house as children, attending parties, etc.  So, one of the goals has been to keep the doors of the house open so good memories and experiences continue to generate.  Extending that a step further meant creating a homey, enjoyable Bed and Breakfast.  It has been called The Jewel of Northwest Kansas---a place of comfort to all who rest under it's hospitable roof.

Carl and Kate are committed to making everyone's stay comfortable and memorable. 

​​Enter as Strangers....Leave as Friends!



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